1. What information must be in the Environmental Authorisation?
  2. What information may be in the Environmental Authorisation?
  3. Environmental Authorisation has been obtained from the Competent Authority, what now?

What information must be in the Environmental Authorisation?

The Environmental Authorisation must specify:
  1. the name, address and telephone number of the person to whom the authorisation belongs;
  2. a description of the activity authorised;
  3. a description of the property on which the activity will occur;
  4. the conditions attached to the activity, including the time period for which the authorisation is valid, if appropriate;
  5. requirements for management, monitoring and reporting of the environmental impacts; and
  6. the transfer of rights and obligations when there is a change of ownership of the activity or property.

Q: What information may be in the Environmental Authorisation?

The Environmental Authorisation may:
  1. provide conditions that must be complied with before the activity may begin;
  2. require the authorisation holder to furnish periodic updates to the Competent Authority. These reports might indicate the extent to which the conditions of authorisation are or are not being complied with; details of the nature of, and reasons for, any non-compliance; and describing any actions taken to mitigate the effects of non-compliance and to prevent the recurrence of non-compliance;
  3. require environmental audits;
  4. require financial or other security to cover the risks to the state and the environment for non-compliance, including security for mitigation and rehabilitation; and
  5. stipulate any other condition the Competent Authority deems necessary.

Q: Environmental Authorisation has been obtained from the Competent Authority, what now?

An Environmental Authorisation may be Appealedamendedwithdrawn or suspended.